Type of Assessment Tasks/Activities Weighting
1. Team Project: Inequality 20%
2. Individual Project : Cityscapes 45%
3. My City Blog (visual & narrative) 20%
4. Class presentation & Participation 15%

 1 | Inequality (Group Project) | 20%

DUE October 6th

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the scale of income inequality in Hong Kong through the anthropology of luxury.
  2. Understand the construction of value
  3. Basic photography and cell video
  4. Research Skills using online and in-person research methods
  5. Critical & analytic writing

Assignment Description:

This assignment is a location-based treasure hunt for the most expensive and least expensive version of a single material. Example: Find the most expensive and least expensive egg in Hong Kong. Students are asked to document their search through geo-tagged egg prices. The search forces the students to think creatively about how to navigate the strange and extremely stratified landscape of value in Hong Kong. It’s a game!

Organize into teams of 4-6 people. In a group discussion, decide on the object the group would like to focus on for the assignment. It could be a slice of carpet, a cup of tea, a cemetery plot. Choose an object you think is a good display of inequality in Hong Kong.

Each group member must contribute to exploring the city to find an example of the group’s chosen object. Remember to take a photograph, and document the location and price.

Come back together with all of your object information and create a collective map.

The team with the most diverse price differentials, and the most ground covered will win the inequality race.


  1. Each photo or video must contain the price and the object in the same image if possible.
  2. Write a short description of what this object and its price can tell us about the city.
  3. Objects must be linked to a map so viewers can understand where they are located.

Technology Requirement: Photography & video (phones)

Submission: One map or presentation with approximately 10 photos: 5 cheap objects, 5 expensive objects

*Each team member must also report on their tasks and activities individually as part of the overall group and submit a personal reflection on inequity discovered in the assignment as part of the submission (500-1000 words)

Assignments will be graded on:

  • Distance covered, price differentials, and the choice of the object as a marker of an important element of inequality Hong Kong society.
  • Depth of Research undertaken
  • Creative approach
  • Team work and the delegation of tasks

2 | Cityscapes:Where We Live | 45 %

DUE November 18th

This assignment is made up of three parts: 1) field notes with 5-10 documentary photographs; 2) a 2-5 minute urban self-portrait; and 3) a 10 minute presentation. A rubric for each part of the assignment is on our course Canvas page.

3| My City Blog | 20%

DUE December 2

Your blog will be a visual and narrative exploration of the course time and your voyage through the city. This is both a personal and narrative journey. You can include elements of pyschogeography, journaling, videos, photos and maps.

Graded on:

  • Content
  • Visual Approach
  • Ability to understand concepts and theories around urban processes covered in class
  • Ability to interpret ideas in creative ways

| Participation | 15%

This grade reflects the participation over the various activities in the field we do during our field trips, as well as your overall attendance and participation in class.


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