Documentary Techniques & Tutorials

There are vast resources online that can give you tips on elements of  your shoot that may come up during production or post-production. Take advantage of the knowledge that is out there on the web, as well as the resources available in the library.

You can also find some more links related to film editing on my course site for SM2002 The Art of Editing

  • nofimschool.com  (A great resources on indie filmmaking)
  • filmmakeriq.com
  • lynda.com (not free, but they have great courses on anything)
  • wolfcrow.com      
  • videomaker.com       
  • mentorless.com   
  • creativecow.com (online forum, great to ask for a specific tip) 
  • Filmmaker magazine by Ken Roy, on Flipboard (he posts daily about all sorts of things for indie filmmakers,  great stuff from all over the web.)
  • EditStock (edit stock footage, for a fee)
  • youtube.com (many tutorials, just ask anything and add keywords like documentary DSLR, editing, sound recording

Shot entirely with an iPhone: See how he did it

Sound Recording Tutorial

Three Keys to Great Audio Recording

Cell Films!

At the heart of all documentary filmmaking is storytelling be cell films are still films! Visual imagery and sound quality are also critically important.