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A Map of Our Own, Anson Mak

Kwun Tong (a town in East Kowloon of Hong Kong) will be undergoing the largest urban renewal plan in Hong Kong started in 2009. A Map Of Our Own – Kwun Tong Culture and Histories does not just aim at tracing its 60 years of community history and documenting the urban landscape and its culture that only lives in its unique ways of spatial practices. We also hope to encourage people to do media creations of their own and to raise public attention to the changes in the town in the coming 12 years of time.

Briefly, this project is a participatory web-based interactive and locative archive on Kwun Tong culture. It supports multiple contributors and various types of media works (sound, still image and moving image). Visitors can interact with this archive in various ways including search on map/time-line/categories; sharing of media works in other web 2.0 platforms; audio-visual mix and rendering of itineraries for Kwun Tong walk.